Taking Your Mippin Maker Experience To The Next Level – A Visual Guide To Creating A Mobile App or Website From Concept To Finished Design

Trying to switch from a personal computer focus to a mobile device focus can be a daunting and challenging task. Where do you start? Who do you hire or work with? Will the idea work? What platform do I use? When formulating a mobile website or app the list of questions go on and on about what you need to prepare in terms of succeeding with your new mobile project. This image outline of the process of getting ready for the entire mobile app and website building experience is a great look at some of the essentials you will want to cover when planning any mobile project of such magnitude.


Mobile App or Website Process Tip #1 – Research Your Idea

This is the pre-planning stage and you will want to cover all your basis when it comes to researching the feasibility of your idea. You need to complete tasks such as studying the industry, reviewing competitor strategies and vetting your target market and customers. This is the foundation of your plan and it needs to be strong to avoid cracking later in the development.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #2 – Create A Proposal

In step 2 you will want to put together your proposal. This will cover everything you imagine for your website or app and instructions on what type of functions and features you want. With a proposal in hand you can better assess things like budget and get ready to request bidding applications.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #3 – Prepare Concept Drawings

Next you will want to mock up visual drawings of your app or website so you can express your app and website ideas and concepts through pictures. Its the showing and not telling on what you want created. This part of the process really goes along ways towards design visualization.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #4 – Find A Development Team

Next you will need to find a development team. Or as we always encourage at Mippin Maker which is to become your own mobile app or website maker. Why pay for a team when you can be the team.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #5 – Go Over Revisions

Once you build the app or website you will want to correct the things that you notice are out of place. Make sure to look over the results as carefully as possible and submit any necessary changes. Do plenty of testing on your own and then make the appropriate updates as necessary.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #6 – Utilize Testers

Once you have a pretty strong working project you will now want to hire some outsiders testers. Who knows what you or the developers missed? This is where you get a third and fourth and fifth set of skilled eyes to give you some reviews and feedback.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #7 – Submit Final Design

Once your mobile app or website has been put through the rigors of testing and review you will be ready to build the final copy and first version of your creation. You are now finally live and ready to get more feedback from new users and customers.

Mobile App or Website Process Tip #8 – Update As Needed Based On User Feedback

As feedback comes in, bugs are identified and new ideas come to mind you will want to keep track of it all and improve your website or app as appropriate and as time and resources permit.

Hoping to build a new mobile website or app? What steps will you be following to accomplish your vision?

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