Mobile Smartphone Vape Shop eCommerce Stores – Features Every Online Vape Business Should Think About

vape-shop-boston-30As a mobile website builder ourselves we know how hard it can be for businesses to transition online to more a smartphone and tablet friendly approach to customer interaction.  As the paradigm shift from desktop and home / office computers to small portable devices on the go occurs, it is absolutely pertinent for online companies, businesses and eCommerce stores to make the technology and focus switch as well.  While many online stores and shops are stuck in there past ways it is those that can see the vision and power of a more mobile internet who will be able to not only keep up but grow and capitalize off the forever changing environment and landscape we call the internet.  So what does make strong mobile smartphone ready eCommerce store?  Similar to smartphones and tablets the vaporizer pen is also one of the fastest growing trends in society which is why we choose to evaluate the two together for this checklist review.  If you are deciding to move to a more mobile friendly space there is a lot you will want to account for.  Lets take a look at just a few of the key characteristics you will want to consider.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #1: Professional Design

We have all been to those websites that look like they were built by a small child or baby.  Don’t be that mobile website.  You will to be sure your online store looks the part of a professional store.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #2: Custom Options

Make sure you have the ability to customize your vape pen and portable vaporizer store when needed.  You have to be able  to separate yourself from the competition and customization is one step in the right direction in doing so.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #3: Web Store

What good is eCommerce without the store and checkout systems to go along with it.  You will want to make sure customers, clients and shoppers all have an easy time purchasing products on your site.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #4: Content Management

You will want to assure website and content updates are straightforward and not difficult to complete.  New content is a big part of attracting new business and this is something you will want to stay on top off in your new mobile space.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If they can not find you online through the proper search and social channels will be hard to get your product and brand out there.  Its about making yourself visible and know to the online search entities that matter.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #6: Contact Forms and GEO Tagging

Good business is good customer service so you will always want to have a way for people to easily get a  hold of you and ask questions.  Make yourself available to clients and watch as sales go up.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #7: Secure and Reliable Servers

If you website is down then you can best believe sales and customer satisfaction is down as well.  Working with a reliable host and web servers is one way to assure this never happens.

Mobile Smartphone eCommerce Vape Store Key Characteristic #8: Exclusive and Original Images, Videos and Sales Copy

Nobody wants to the same old tired pictures and videos constantly recycled on the internet.  You will want to be sure to focus on fresh, new and original photos and videos to give your site the unique appeal that all successful mobile eCommerce stores have.

If you could pick one most important feature to have on a vape pen, dab pen or wax pen eCommerce shop what would it be?  To read more about building great online mobile eCommerce stores please do check out the rest of the site.




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