Mippin Maker Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) – Inside Our Mobile Minds

Our goal is to make life easier when it comes to making your life mobile. If you have an online website or online idea Mippin Maker can help you get them mobile ready. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to access data, products and other life needs making it vital to accommodate this new change in technology. While our mobile platform is simple to use we still get plenty of common questions that pop up all the time which is why we decided to create this frequently asked questions page.

Mippin Maker Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #1: What Is The Cost

The basic app is free and always will be. Once you sign up you get access to all the standard features and functions and will have no problem accomplishing whatever mobile project you have on your agenda. We also offer upgrades and exclusive services at an additional cost. If there is something you want from mobile service that you do not see get in touch with us and we can discuss the feasibility of adding it.

Mippin Maker Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #2: What Mobile Platforms Do You Support

We support both the Apple IOS mobile platform and the Microsoft Android mobile platform so whenever you convert your website or create your app you can offer it on the top two biggest mobile spaces for download. We also provide all users with their own private testing area where you can view how your mobile design will look live before actually offering it for viewing to customers and clients.

Mippin Maker Frequently Asked Questions Outline (FAQ) #3: Can I Have My Own Domain Name and Host

We host all projects on our servers but host transfers are possible if you would to choose another provider upon the completion of your mobile website or app project. All you need to do is enter in a support ticket, provide all the required details and then our team will get in contact with the new hosting company to make the change over. We also offer your own personal domain names at additional cost as well. Also you can have your own local URL names for free on our hosted servers.

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