Mippin Maker – Company Overview and Mission Statement

Lets be honest in this day and age if you are not mobile you are not keeping up with the signs of the times. From packs of kids taking selfies, snap chatting and live video facebook streaming to business people communicating with co workers on smartphones to families running their lives with the help of mobile phones and tablets each and everyday the world expands thanks to mobile technology. The fact of the matter is if you are not working on transferring some of your online and offline content to a mobile platform you will soon be out dated and out of touch with the reality of the current world. From business to socializing to shopping to scheduling and communication soon enough all aspects of our lives will be impacted by mobile technology in some way or another. At Mippin Maker we believe in the power of mobile and helping users transfer their websites and other online properties into the mobile space. We specialize in simple to use mobile design tools that help those with non technological backgrounds take their messages and presence mobile. Want to design a mobile-friendly version of your website or blog, but can’t code? Use the Mippin Maker mobile software platform to save yourself time and money on your next mobile project.

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Mippin Maker